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Who We Are

The Coach Randy Holmes Basketball Club (CRHBC) is a non-profit, charitable organization that is dedicated to the physical, emotional, and mental development of youth, ages ranging from 4th grade to 11th grade, to reach their full potential in the game of life and basketball.

Mission Statement 

Coach Randy Holmes Basketball Club (CRHBC) is an all the time fundamental basketball skill development and training program. CRHBC's mission is to use an innovative, quality training system and technology to provide a comprehensive program for athletes of all ages and skill levels.


The use of research-based programs and training to improve athletes' fundamental basketball skills is a hallmark component of CRHBC. We will educate athletes by teaching and showing how objective training and feedback can increase performance.


Coach Holmes's will evaluate a player's game, offer precise and specific suggestions for modification that allow the athlete to grow and see tangible results at game time.


It is Coach Holmes goal to improve player's fundamentals, and give them the blueprint they need to take their game to the next level!



Coach Holmes principles:

  • Connect, teach, and inspire.


  • Build character through world-class instruction.


  • Cultivate an environment that values advancing in both basketball and academics.


  • Provide opportunities for all athletic levels to be successful.

  • Gain self-confidence and ignite a desire to become better in all elements of the game and life.

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