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1.  Coaches MUST confirm ALL numbers in the book before the start of the game.  Games will not start before the scheduled time without the consent of both teams’ head coaches.


2.  Two 16-minute stop time halves.  The clock will run in 2nd half anytime the lead is over 25 points.  Once under 25 points, stop time resumes. (14-minute halves for 9U-3rd, 10U-4th, 11U-5th, and 12U-6th).  For Super Cup, States and Finals, games will be 4 quarters instead of 2 halves.  For 7th grade 913U) and higher, there will be four 8 minute quarters.  For 6th grade (12U) and under, there will be four 7 minute quarters.  Bonus situations will still apply by half.


3.  Each team gets 3 timeouts per game (2full, 1-30 second), and an additional timeout per OT period.  Timeouts will carry over into overtime.


4.  On 10th foul in each half, opposing team will shoot 1 and 1.  On 12th and each additional foul, opposing team will shoot 2 free throws.  2 free throws are shot for a technical foul.


5.  In 3rd (90) and 4th (10U) grade and all divisions labeled Elementary players are allowed to jump over the free throw line as long as the ball is released from behind the line.  


6.  3-minute warm-up period before the game and 2-minute halftime.


7.  Any coach or player receiving two technical fouls will be ejected from the game.  All further disciplinary action will be determined by the tournament director.


8.  Overtime will be 2 minutes with stop time.  After 2 overtimes teams will go into sudden death.  Fouls carry over into overtime.


9.  Players will be disqualified once they have committed their 6th foul.  


10.  Girls and Boys will have a 10-second back court violations.


11.  All girls and 3rd-6th grade boys will use a 28.5” ball.  All boys 7th grade and older will use a 29.5” ball.  If both coaches agree to use a 29/5”, CRHBC will allow this.


12.  Pressing is allowed for all grade levels.  Exceptions: 3rd (9U), 4hth (10U), and 5th (11U) grades, pressing is only allowed in the second half. Additionally, no pressing in any grade level is allowed if the lead is 20 points or greater.


13.  In 3rd (9U), 4th (10U), and 5th (11U) grade, full court and zone defense only allowed in the second half.  (Half court man only in the first half)


14. When determining the teams who advance to playoffs: In a two-team tie, if the teams have played each other, head to head is used.  If they have not, tie breaker goes to point differential (if also tied in point differential, then points allowed and then points scored).  In the case of a three-team tie, standard tiebreaker rules apply. In the case of a tie determining playoff advancement when only one team has a forfeit victory, point differentials against common opponent(s) will be used to settle the tie.


15. Players are only allowed to play on one team; however, a player may also play on one additional team as long as it is ABOVE their age group and WITHIN their program.  A player CANNOT plan on more than one team in one age group. CRHBC must be notified in writing prior to Friday before the tournament if a player is playing on multiple teams (playing up age group) within the same program.


16.  If a team forfeits a game, they CAN NOT advance from Pool Play.


17.  Formal complaints and protests must be submitted in writing to


18.  CRHBC expects all players, coaches, parents, spectators, and staff to act in an appropriate manner.  If a situation arises CRHBC staff may remove a person from the site.


19.  CRHBC will provide the clock for each game.  It is the home team’s responsibility to provide the book.  (Home team is the first team listed on the schedule). If neither team provides a book, the CRHBC scorekeeper will be used as the official scorer.


20. Teams are allowed 2 bench personnel for games.  Teams will be given 2 coach wristbands and are required to wear them in order to enter the gym, see ticket person at each site for coach’s badges.


21.  In all other situations, High School rules will be applied.


22.  Up to a 15-minute grace period is allowed form the scheduled start time of a game at the tournament site director’s discretion.  Additional time will be allotted if a team is coming from another game at a separate CRHBC facility.


23.  In the situation of a physical altercation, any player who leaves the bench to participate is ejected and suspended for the following game.  Additionally, if a player initiates or participates in a physical altercation, they are ejected and suspended for the following game. Lastly, in the occasion where a team with multiple players engages in a physical altercation, the team will be suspended for the following game.  


24.  Site director/tournament director will have final discretion in all rulings.  CRHBC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items at events.


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